Pokemon Launches New Line of Baby Products

The Pokemon Company has launched a new line of baby products in Japan. Earlier today, The Pokemon [...]

The Pokemon Company has launched a new line of baby products in Japan. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company officially announced their "monpoke" line of high quality Pokemon-themed baby products made for children up to 36 months of age, along with maternity clothes and other items for parents. The monpoke like is meant to appeal to "a new generation" of Pokemon fan, presumably so children can get indoctrinated into the Pokemon fandom right out of the womb. No specific merchandise or prices were announced, but the Pokemon Company did release a piece of promotional artwork showing Pikachu, Mime Jr., Ludicolo, Smeargle, and Dedenne in a simplistic non-threatening art style.

The announcement follows last year's news when The Pokemon Company and its various business partners filed a trademark for monpoke, fueling immediate speculation that it was somehow related to the games, anime, or movies. While it's not surprising that it only turned out to be a clothing line, today's news will likely disappoint some Pokemon fans who were hoping for a more exciting announcement.

As of right now, monpoke seems to be exclusive to Japan, although that could always change in the future. With the rising popularity of Pokemon due to the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie, it's definitely possible that we'll see some more Pokemon merchandise geared towards the youngest Pokemon fans soon.

Are you surprised they made a Pokemon line for infants and toddlers? Or are you just disappointed they didn't have this when you were a kid? Let us know in the comment section!


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