New Pokemon Game Leaks Amidst Wild Speculation

A new Pokemon game has leaked amidst wild speculation following a tease from a prominent Pokemon insider and leaker. According to the LinkedIn profile of an employee of The Pokemon Company, a new and unannounced Pokemon game is in the works and has been since April 2020. This in itself isn't that noteworthy or exciting but paired with a new tease, it's a bit more tantalizing. 

Taking to Twitter, Pokemon insider and leaker Centro Leaks relayed a vague tease that's teasing enough to get fans excited, but vague enough to also create speculation. And that's exactly what it did. On the social media platform, Centro Leaks noted that "2022 will be very exciting for Pokemon fans," adding, "even more than 2021 if nothing gets delayed," right after. Unfortunately, this is the extent of the tease, and by itself, it's not that interesting, but when you combine this newly leaked game and this tease, things start to take shape and are a bit more noteworthy. 

As for what 2022 could have in store for Pokemon fans that they don't already know about, who knows. The current expectation is Gen 9 will be revealed and released. In addition to this, don't be surprised if we see more Detective Pikachu. These are two safe bets, but at the moment, they are the only two safe bets. That said, this would hardly warrant the aforementioned tease, which of course implies there's much more going on behind the scenes.

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H/T, Centro Leaks and Nintendo Smash.