Pokemon and Original Stitch Release 34 More Original Shirt Patterns Based on Gen 3 Pokemon

Original Stitch has announced that Pokemon fans can order custom-made dress shirts using fabrics that incorporate Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The custom-shirt maker announced that it had added 34 new fabrics to its popular line of Pokemon shirts, providing fans the chance to sport looks based on popular Pokemon like Treecko, Absol, or Blaziken. Original Stitch announced that it would release fabrics based on other "Gen 3" Pokemon over three phases - a "Ground" phase will be released in April, an "Ocean" phase will be released in July, and a "Sky" phase will be released in early September.

Fans can order the Original Stitch shirts in one of three different cuts, which include a traditional dress shirt, a relaxed fit, or a Hawaiian-style shirt. The collar, cuffs, breast pocket, and buttons are all customizable, so players can order a shirt to their exact fashion needs. Original Stitch is also making custom face masks and bandanas using the fabric. You can start making your own custom shirts on Original Stitch's website.

This is the third release of Pokemon fabrics by Original Stitch, following the releases of designed based on "Gen 1" and "Gen 2" Pokemon. The fabrics are remarkably diverse in styles, with everything from flashy fabrics that show off your love of Pokemon to more toned down fabrics that are appropriate for a traditional workplace setting.

The new fabrics are just some of the many collaborations and announcements made to celebrate the Pokemon franchise's 25th anniversary. Levi's recently announced their own collaboration with The Pokemon Company, and several new video games and card game expansions are also planned. Additionally, The Pokemon Company is teaming up with various musicians for its P25 Music project - the first song (a cover of "Only Wanna Be WIth You" by Post Malone) was released earlier this week.