Twitch Streamer Throws Fit After Bending Expensive Pokemon Card on Stream

A Twitch streamer saw a potential windfall go down the drain after he bent a pack of Pokemon cards on stream without first looking at what was inside. Earlier this week, the streamer Wesbtw hosted a Twitch stream in which he opened booster packs of the new Pokemon TCG expansion "Vivid Voltage." As part of the stream, Wesbtw offered to bend a pack of cards if someone donated $50. When someone took him up on that offer after nearly 3 hours of streaming, Wesbtw discovered that the pack contained a rare "Rainbow Rare" Pikachu VMAX card. The embarrassing moment and its aftermath can be seen in the clip here.

As seen in the clip, the card has a permanent crease in them, which significantly reduces their value. Had he not bent the pack, the Pikachu VMAX card would have sold for as much as $200 ungraded or $1,500 if graded. The streamer had a major meltdown afterwards, cursing and rolling on the floor even as his followers provided his channel with gift subscriptions.

Pokemon cards are selling for major money nowadays. While the Pokemon card market is mostly geared towards vintage cards (a recent First Edition Charizard card sold for over $180,000), more recent cards are also selling for lots of cash. The most expensive cards in current packs tend to be cards that either feature popular characters, or are rare variant versions of popular competitive cards. The Rainbow Rare Pikachu VMAX card is the only card in Vivid Voltage selling for more than $50, but the Champion's Path expansion contains two Charizard cards that are both regularly selling for more than $400 ungraded.


You can try your own luck at grabbing a rare Pokemon card by purchasing Pokemon TCG booster packs at your local game store or from the online Pokemon Center webpage.