You Can Now Buy a Poke Ball-Cut Diamond

A Japanese jeweler is selling diamonds cut to resemble a Poke Ball. The Japanese company U-Treasure has announced a new "Monster Ball Diamond," which is modeled after a PokeBall. The diamond was cut to have 143 facets and includes a design that resembles a Poke Ball, right down to the central button and horizontal latch. Of course, a custom-cut diamond isn't cheap. The diamond alone will cost about $2,300 in US dollars, and that's not including the ring itself. You can see the diamond in the video below.

U-Treasure already sells a line of Pokemon engagement rings that range in price from 93,500 yen to 125,000 yen for just the setting (no diamond included). The ring designs incorporate various Pokemon, with Pikachu, Eevee, Mew, and Umbreon serving as the prong/accent piece. Buyers can choose from a variety of ring metals, along with the option of a standard diamond or the new Poke Ball cut. 

Sadly, it's likely that these rings won't make their way to the United States, as U-Treasure only operates in Japan. However, U-Treasure does offer to help international and overseas customers with purchase options, so if you're set on a Poke Ball diamond ring, you still might have a shot. 

Pokemon fans won't have to wait for a Poke Ball diamond ring to get excited, as The Pokemon Company is set to release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet this fall. The new games are the first open-world Pokemon games and are set to introduce a whole new generation of Pokemon to fans for the very first time. Details about the new games are still scarce, although you can check out all the new Pokemon here.