A Pokemon Pop-Up Bar is Traveling Around the United States and Australia

A wild Pokemon bar will be appearing all around the United States later this year. Earlier this week, Viral Ventures announced plans to open a pop-up Pokemon-themed bar at several cities around the United States. The bar/event will feature Pokemon-themed food and drinks, along with a DJ. Those who purchase a $25 ticket will also get to participate in a two hour experience divided into seven distinct regions, with players attempting to catch and battle Pokemon in the hopes of being named an "ultimate champion." Prizes will also be given out for best Pokemon costume. So far, Viral Ventures has announced stops in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Denver in the US, Vancouver in Canada, and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia.

Viral Ventures is hosting several "pop-up" events across the United States this summer and fall, including planned Mario Kart-themed go kart races and a Lego pop-up bar made of a million different Lego pieces. Each event usually only lasts a day, so pre-ordering tickets is a must. Of course, the various events are usually organized either via local news organizations or through social media advertisement, so it can be a little bit difficult to track down concrete details like dates or locations in advance.


If you want to either pre-order tickets for the event or find out if your city will be part of the Poke Bar tour, you can sign up at the company's website. We'll note that Viral Ventures is not affiliated with The Pokemon Company, so this is strictly an unofficial event.