Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Provides Big Relief to Shiny Hunters

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's new feature has a failsafe to prevent players from accidentally chasing off a Shiny Pokemon. One of the new mechanics in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the "Let's Go" mode, which allows players to send one of their Pokemon into the wild to collect items and battle nearby wild Pokemon. While Pokemon don't earn as much XP for defeating wild Pokemon in "Let's Go" mode, it's a great way to grind for levels without going into constant battles. The "Let's Go" mode is best used when Pokemon have a type advantage over a wild Pokemon, as Pokemon can otherwise lose half of their HP and retreat back to their player. 

However, one of the concerns about this new feature is whether Pokemon could accidentally defeat a Shiny Pokemon, thus preventing a player from catching it. Given that the triggers for sending a Pokemon to "Let's Go" and triggering a full Pokemon Battle are close to each other (players send a Pokemon into "Let's Go" using the R button, and use the ZR button to start a full-fledged Pokemon battle), there is concern that players could accidentally miss out on a chance to capture an incredibly rare Pokemon.

Luckily, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a hardlocked system that prevents a player from chasing down and defeating a Shiny Pokemon in "Let's Go" mode. A Pokemon will refuse to attack a Shiny Pokemon while in "Let's Go" mode. This not only makes the "Let's Go" mode much less stressful, it also gives players a valuable tool to track down Shiny Pokemon. Given that Mass Outbreaks make a return in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can now use the "Let's Go" mode to grind through non-Shiny Pokemon in the hopes of causing a rare Pokemon to spawn. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now on the Nintendo Switch