First Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Update Released with Patch Notes

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet aren't even out yet on the Nintendo Switch, but the games have already gotten their first update ahead of their launch complete with a set of patch notes. This follows the start of the preload period for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet that let players get a head start on the launch of the games so that they can get right to playing once the Pokemon pair releases next week.   

As one might expect from a 1.0.1 update that's come out before the games have, the patch notes for the update aren't going to give away anything notable. In the patch notes for the update available as of November 11th, The Pokemon Company said this update includes "Several bug fixes and adjustments have been made so that you can play the game comfortably." Good news for day-one players since it means some bugs and issues will hopefully be cleared up, but again, nothing to speak of in terms of reveals.

These sorts of updates are required for people who want to use things like the Mysterious Gifts and other online services, so if you've got the game preloaded already, be sure to make sure this update is downloaded, too, or else you'll be behind everyone else.

Now that we're in the home stretch for the new Pokemon games, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have been trickling out some more reveals and teasers ahead of the November 18th release. For those still looking to learn more about those games in the final week until launch, you'll be best off sticking to those official channels at this point lest you get spoiled by some wayward post or comment from someone sharing pre-release information.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be out on the Nintendo Switch on November 18th. You can check out more about the games below from our previous coverage: