Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to Fix Paradox Pokemon Raid Issue

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players who were hit with a nasty bug involving last week's Paradox Pokemon raids have some relief coming soon. Today, Game Freak announced plans to release a new patch for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in late April. The patch contains fixes to several bugs, but most notably will correct an issue that caused players to get stuck with an unhatchable egg when they attempted to catch Walking Wake (Paradox Suicune) or Iron Leaves (Paradox Virizion) if they hadn't updated the game to Version 1.2 when they entered the raids. A second run of the Walking Wake/Iron Leaves raids will also roll out around the same time. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been beset by bugs since its release, including several major bugs that seemingly break the game for players. In addition to the aforementioned raid bug, there's also an issue in which players who purchase the DLC (which won't be available until later this year) seemingly have their save file corrupted. The Pokemon Company has not offered a comment about the issue, although many players belief it might be linked to the Pokemon Go link in the game. Some players have successfully restored their save files, although others are refusing to even log into the game until the problem is resolved or at least commented upon by Game Freak and Nintendo. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have at least a few more major updates over the course of the next year. In addition to fixing the aforementioned bugs, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also needs to add Pokemon Home compatibility. The game also has two upcoming DLCs planned – one that will take players to the new region of Kitakami and one that will take players to Blueberry Academy, a battle-focused academy. Both DLCs will explore the Terastallization phenomenon and Area Zero. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now on the Nintendo Switch