Pokemon Shuffle Receives Final Update; No More New Content Coming

It appears that Pokemon Shuffle is coming to an end.The Pokemon Company announced that yesterday's [...]

It appears that Pokemon Shuffle is coming to an end.

The Pokemon Company announced that yesterday's batch of new stages and Pokemon would be the final update to the game. Moving forward, the game will receive no new content, although players will still have access to old stages and periodic access to older events.

Pokemon Shuffle is a match-em style Nintendo 3DS and mobile game first released in 2015. Players can level up their Pokemon by grinding through different levels and challenges. After defeating a level, players have the opportunity to catch a Pokemon, which can then be added to the player's team and used to defeat other Pokemon. While the game is free to play, players could buy gems that could either be exchanged for coins or used to give a player extra moves or in-game bonuses.

No reason was given as to why The Pokemon Company was ending its support of Pokemon Shuffle, although it had recently run out of new Pokemon to add and its gameplay centered around Mega Evolutions, which hasn't been the focus of the franchise since the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon back in 2016. The game did recently add Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon, including the Ultra Beasts and new Legendary Pokemon.

However, Pokemon Shuffle fans will have plenty of content left to discover. Not only did the game recently receive 20 new stages and 28 new Pokemon to capture, players can also try their hand at UX Stages - a version of older stages with significantly higher difficulty levels. All Pokemon can now use "Raise Max Level" items, which means that any completionist can grind all of their Pokemon to significantly higher levels than before.

The shutdown of Pokemon Shuffle could mean that the Pokemon Company is gearing up for the release of a new mobile game. A mobile game called Pokeland has been in beta testing since last year and we haven't heard any news about that game in quite some time.

Pokemon Shuffle is still available for download on iOS devices, Android Devices, and the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. The app is free to download and play.