Pokemon Spin-off Producer Would Like to Make a Sequel

Pokken Tournament DX's blend of Pokemon characters and Tekken gameplay gave the franchise one of [...]

Pokken Tournament DX's blend of Pokemon characters and Tekken gameplay gave the franchise one of its most unique spin-offs, and it seems that the game's producer is open to creating a sequel to the Nintendo Switch fighting game! On Twitter, Katsuhiro Harada addressed a fan's question whether or not he might be interested in revisiting the Ferrum region introduced in the game. Harada indicated that he was very happy with the response to Pokken Tournament, but he also made it clear that the decision is not up to developer Bandai Namco, but rather Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. For fans of the game, it represents a glimmer of hope for the future!

The Tweet from Harada can be found embedded below.

Pokken Tournament has had a unique history, releasing on three platforms over the last six years. The game debuted as a Japanese arcade game in 2015, before being ported to the Wii U in 2016. Just over a year later, the game would arrive on the Nintendo Switch as Pokken Tournament DX. The fighter received additional characters via DLC, but the last update came more than two years ago. Nintendo did, however, offer a free trial for the game to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, so it's clear that the company has not completely forgotten about Pokken Tournament DX. Reception to that free trial seemed to be pretty good, so maybe this will help the game's chances at getting a sequel!

Pokemon spin-offs have a strange history. The Mystery Dungeon series has seen a number of installments through the years, while Pokemon Snap is set to finally receive a sequel after more than 20 years! There are also critically-acclaimed games like Pokemon Conquest that never saw a second game released. It's impossible to say whether or not another Pokken Tournament is in the cards, but the fact that Harada has displayed an interest certainly makes it a bit more likely!

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