A New Job Posting Fuels Speculation About a 2018 Release for the Pokemon Switch Game

The internet is losing its mind over a new job listing on the Pokemon Company's website.Yesterday [...]

The internet is losing its mind over a new job listing on the Pokemon Company's website.

Yesterday evening, Pokemon fans discovered a listing for a Spanish localization job based out of London, UK. The Pokemon Company is seeking a short term editor to work on "on all editorial facets of video games, and related materials (video game strategy guide, video game web site etc.) in Spanish." The job listing is only for a six month term, which indicates that it's for a specific project, and is scheduled to start between April and June 2018.

People immediately speculated that the listing was related to the upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, which may or may not come out in 2018. While both Nintendo and Game Freak have repeatedly stated that the game might not come out this year, both analysts and fans have found reasons to get hyped over even the smallest possible detail.

Localization would be one of the final steps for completing a Pokemon game. If this job listing is for the new Pokemon game, it's a very strong sign that the game will be ready by the holiday season. Although the localization editor's term would run from June through December at the latest, that would give the Pokemon Company enough time to translate the game and then work on marketing material for the game's pending release.

However, the new job listing isn't necessarily an indication that the Pokemon Switch title is coming this year. As noted by Joe Merrick (the siterunner for the popular Pokemon news site Serebii), the Pokemon Company posts job listings like this fairly often and this isn't necessarily a sign that the Pokemon game is coming soon.

After all, the Pokemon Company is working on several other games right now, like Detective Pikachu and Pokeland, a mobile game based off of the Pokemon Rumble line of games. It's just as likely that the job listing is for Pokeland, which we haven't heard ANY news about in almost a year, than the untitled Pokemon Switch Game.

When it comes to the Pokemon franchise, fans need to practice a bit of patience. The Pokemon Company will release the new game when it's good and ready and idle speculation is just that...idle speculation.