Pokemon Sword and Shield Is Corrupting Some Players' SD Cards

Pokemon Sword and Shield's autosave feature is corrupting some microSD cards. Several players have reported a major issue in which Pokemon Sword and Shield is corrupting microSD cards. The affected players are reporting that, while attempting to autosave, the game will suddenly crash and can't be reloaded. The issue causes a player's entire microSD card to become corrupted, which ultimately means that players will need to re-load any game they have stored on the microSD cards. Luckily - save data isn't impacted by the glitch, as save data is stored on the Nintendo Switch's internal memory and not the microSD card.

The problem isn't affecting every user - the glitch only happens to players who have the digital version of the game and have an exFAT formatted microSD card. That means that the problem will likely only impact a small portion of players, as most microSD cards use the FAT32 format and won't impact any players with a cartridge version of the new Pokemon games.

Still, the new issue likely won't help the negative buzz around Pokemon Sword and Shield, caused by fans upset by creative and design decisions that left nearly 500 Pokemon species out of the game. While Pokemon Sword and Shield are still great Pokemon games, there are a lot of fans who are latching onto any negative buzz surrounding the game.

Hopefully, the new glitch will be fixed in the very near future, as this is still an unpleasant issue. Please be careful when you're getting ready to play Pokemon Sword and Shield, especially if you downloaded the game from the eShop.