Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion News Coming Tomorrow

crown tundra

The Pokemon Company will release new information about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra expansion tomorrow morning. The Pokemon Company announced that it would release new information about the upcoming second expansion to Pokemon Sword and Shield on September 29th at 9 AM ET. This expansion is set to add a bevy of Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield, including Galarian variants of the Legendary Birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, two new Legendary Pokemon related to Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, and a brand new Legendary Pokemon in Calyrex. The announcement will be streamed on the Pokemon Company's YouTube channel:

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass is the first-ever DLC content for a main series Pokemon game. The expansions add existing Pokemon to the game in brand new open-world areas, along with new story content and mechanics. The first expansion, the Isle of Armor, added over 100 Pokemon species along with mechanics like your partner Pokemon following you on the overworld map.

Although we don't have any insight as to what the new news will be, but it's expected that the announcement will include a release date for the Crown Tundra expansion, along with additional information about the new raid expedition mechanic. We may also get confirmation whether the Crown Tundra marks the official end of new content for Pokemon Sword and Shield or whether there's any other expansions planned for 2020.


Unless the Pokemon Company has some sort of big surprise up their sleeve, tomorrow's news might be the last main series Pokemon game news we get this year. We'll have a full breakdown of the news after its announced tomorrow.