Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Reveals Next DLC Details

Parts of Pokemon Sword and Shield's next DLC have leaked thanks to a series of datamines. Earlier [...]

Parts of Pokemon Sword and Shield's next DLC have leaked thanks to a series of datamines. Earlier this month, the Pokemon Company released the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, marking the first time that a Pokemon game has ever added DLC content after its release. However, fans are already looking forward to the next DLC - the Crown Tundra - which will be released later this year. Dataminers have already found a slew of new details about the next DLC, revealing everything from which Pokemon will appear to the names of the DLC's story chapters.

While Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor is focused mostly on adding new mechanics, it appears that the Crown Tundra will focus more on story. Dataminers have found titles for four "chapters" within the code for Pokemon Sword and Shield, which appear to focus on different sets of Legendary Pokemon. The titles are as follows:

  • A Legendary Tree of a Legendary Three (likely focusing on the Legendary Birds)
  • The Terrible Titans... Lurking Locked Away (likely focusing on the Legendary Golems)
  • They Came from The Ultra Beyond! (likely focusing on Ultra Beasts)
  • The Sacred Bonds of Sovereign and Steed (likely focusing on Calyrex and its unnamed evolution).

Dataminers have also discovered which Pokemon will likely be added with the next DLC. Dataminers have identified 119 Pokemon species that should appear in the next DLC, which include every Legendary Pokemon, several species of Fossil Pokemon, and Psuedo-Legendary Pokemon lines like Dratini, Gible, and Bagon. You can check out the full list of Pokemon species allegedly being added to the DLC below:

Although parts of the next DLC have leaked, Pokemon games are almost always about the experience. With new modes of gameplay and a number of new Legendary Pokemon appearing in the next DLC, fans should have lots to enjoy when the Crown Tundra is released later this year.