Pokemon Sword and Shield's New Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon Is a Living Stealth Bomber

Pokemon Sword and Shield's newest Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon is clearly inspired by the B-2 Stealth [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield's newest Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon is clearly inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Each new generation of Pokemon games has added a "pseudo-legendary" line of Pokemon, Pokemon like Dragonite or Metagross that have high stats, a three Pokemon evolution line, and usually can't be obtained until close to the end of the game. True to form, Pokemon Sword and Shield has Dreepy, a new Dragon/Ghost-type Pokemon that can only be obtained after players unlock the Rotom Bike's ability to cross water. Dreepy is described as a prehistoric Pokemon reborn as a Ghost, but its evolution is clearly inspired after something a bit more modern.

Eventually, Dreepy evolves into Dragapult, a Dragon/Ghost-type Pokemon with a head that looks identical to the B-2 Stealth Bomber used by the United States military. Not only does Dragapult's head have the same shape as the Stealth Bomber, it also has horns that resemble the Stealth Bomber's engine ports. There is one major difference though - Dragapult has two or more Dreepy in its horns at all times, which it uses to attack enemies. Dragapult can learn the move Dragon Darts, which shoots two Dreepy from its horns at mach speeds. Not only do the Dreepy resemble missiles when fired as Dragon Darts, the Dreepy can also target more than one opponent if two opponents are on the field.

While there's not a lot of explanation given to Dragapult's unusual shape, it makes sense that a "Stealth Pokemon" (which is how its classified in the Pokedex) would be a Ghost-type Pokemon. After all, the Stealth Bomber is also known for its ability to conceal itself on various detection systems and is visually hard to see when flying at high altitudes.

Dreepy and its evolutions can only be found in the wild at the Lake of Outrage section of the Wild Area. The Pokemon can also be found in certain Max Raid Battles.

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