Pokemon Reveals a Brand New Kind of Ponyta

Pokemon Sword and Shield will have a new version of Ponyta. Yesterday, the Pokemon Company launched a 24-hour live stream showing footage from the Glimwood Tangle, an area of the Galar region. While most of the stream was dead air, there were occasional glimpses of an unknown Pokemon species. We speculated earlier that the new Pokemon was a Galarian version of Ponyta, which was confirmed overnight when the Pokemon made a full appearance during the live stream. While a normal Ponyta has a mane made of fire, the Galarian Ponyta has a full mane along with a small black horn. You can see the Pokemon below:

Although we don't know the Galarian Ponyta's type, it's very likely that the Pokemon is a Fairy-type Pokemon, given that most of the other Pokemon that have appeared in the live stream have been Fairy-type Pokemon. The live stream hasn't shown any other new Pokemon species, but we did get several solid looks of Impidimp, a Fairy/Dark-type Pokemon that appeared in the Pokemon Sword and Shield demo earlier this year.

Ponyta (and assumably its evolution Rapidash) is the third family of Pokemon with a Galarian variant. The Pokemon Company previously revealed a Galarian Weezing and a Galarian Zigzagoon. Notably, the Galarian Zigzagoon eventually evolves into Obstagoon, a brand new Pokemon species. Whether the Galarian Ponyta eventually evolves into a brand new species remains to be seen.

Between the 24-hour live stream and the earlier reveal of Sirfetch'd (which first appeared as a "glitch" on the Pokemon website), the Pokemon Company has gotten creative in their reveals for Pokemon Sword and Shield. And with just over a month left until Pokemon Sword and Shield's release, it feels like there's still a ton left to learn about the games.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on November 15th.