Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Catch a Galarian Slowpoke

There's a new Pokemon in Sword and Shield right now with the Galarian version of Slowpoke added to the games today following Nintendo's Pokemon Direct. This region-specific Slowpoke is a straight-up Psychic type instead of a Water/Psychic hybrid, and it's pretty easy to find one since there's only one spot to get the Pokemon right now. What's going to be much more challenging is getting a shiny version of this new Pokemon, but some people have apparently already managed to do so.

Before you ever start your hunt for a shiny Galarian Slowpoke, you need to travel to Wedgehurst Station first. Depending on which version of the game you have, you'll encounter a new NPC there. After speaking to Klara in Sword or Avery in Shield, you'll encounter a Galarian Slowpoke who's meandered over from the Isle of Armor. Catch the Pokemon, and you'll have one very special Slowpoke in your collection.

Catching the Slowpoke is the easy part though, because next comes the test of patience. It's unclear if you can even get a shiny Galarian Slowpoke from the encounter, so if you don't want to reboot the game repeatedly in hopes of securing a shiny, the easiest option is to try and breed one.

Take your new Galarian Slowpoke to a breeder and drop it off with a Ditto since this is the only Slowpoke of its kind that you'll have at the moment until the game's expansion passes are released. For even better results, make sure you have the Shiny Charm in your inventory to increase the chances of obtaining a shiny Galarian Slowpoke in the many, many eggs you'll be hatching.

It sounds like a daunting task, but it's certainly not impossible. The Twitter user SoaRJonboiii shared the video above not long after the Sword and Shield update went live to show that they'd already gotten a shiny Galarian Slowpoke after hatching 64 eggs. This version of the Pokemon trades in its pink for gold and has a brownish-yellow head and tail.


Pokemon Sword and Shield's new Galarian Slowpoke is now available in the game, but there's more Pokemon content to come later. The expansion passes which include two new areas to explore are available to purchase now and will be first available in June.