The Pokemon Company Reveals New Sword and Shield Plushies

New Pokemon Sword and Shield plushies have been revealed by The Pokemon Company to give those who have been playing through the new games more ways to expand their Pokemon collections. The five plushies are all for Pokemon that are new to the Sword and Shield generation and now have a release date for when they’ll be sold in the Japanese Pokemon Center which means it won’t be long until they’re able to be purchased elsewhere.

The Pokemon Company unveiled the five new Sword and Shield plushies on the company’s Japanese site (thanks, IGN) to show off what each of the new collectibles look like. The five Pokemon in question which are being immortalized in plush form are Wooloo, Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Drednaw, and Corviknight. Pokemon Sword and Shield players have probably already seen some if not all of these in their playthroughs so far, but you’ll definitely have seen all of them by the time you complete the games.

According to The Pokemon Company’s site, all five of these plush collectibles will be released on December 15th. The prices each one of them will sell for varies depending on what you want, but judging from the prices listed in yen which have been revealed so far, it looks as though you’ll be spending around $20 for a plushie no matter which one you want. They’ll be sold in physical Pokemon Center locations as well as through the retailer’s website, and The Pokemon Company also said that you’ll be able to purchase them through Amazon once they become available.

Wooloo has been one of the more lovable Pokemon to be released in Sword and Shield even if it’s not one that people stick with since it’s found so early in the game, but one player has at least tested Wooloo to its full potential by beating the game using only that Pokemon.

These new Pokemon are just some of many that were added in Sword and Shield. While there were quite a few Pokemon that couldn’t be caught in these games after being left behind in past generations, our review of Sword and Shield praised the new designs of the Pokemon. You can find an excerpt of that review below with the whole review seen here.


“The new Pokemon themselves are some of the best designed Pokemon we've seen in ages, and Pokemon Sword and Shield players will come away with a lot of new favorites. There are also a couple of surprising choices in terms of what Pokemon were selected to get new Galarian versions, and what the type combinations of new Pokemon are.”

Pokemon Sword and Shield are now available for the Nintendo Switch.