Pokemon Sword and Shield Players Shocked After Discovering Adorable Feature

Pokemon Sword and Shield players on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are shocked after [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield players on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are shocked after discovering an adorable feature that is apparently very easy to miss. This holiday season will be two years since the release of Sword and Shield. Despite this, many players are regularly discovering "new" features, and new is in quotation marks, because, technically, they aren't new, just not widely known. What this is indicative of, who can say, but a couple of times of a month, a player over on Reddit or Twitter discovers a "new" feature, and the discovery goes viral because so many players of the game had no clue it existed. Today, we have another example of this phenomenon.

Over on Twitter, user "Anubis" pointed out that Sword and Shield tracks the "sociability of Pokemon," which many think increases currymons. Whatever the case, each individual Pokemon has a score that ranges from 0 to 255, a score that can be increased by making curry with the Pokemon or having it play with other Pokemon in camp.

As noted, this isn't a newly discovered feature. We've known about this for a long time. However, apparently, most players, including some of the game's most hardcore players, had no clue it existed.

"Sounds like a very useful thing, thanks Game Freak. And discovered after what, 2-plus years after game release? C'mon," reads one reply to the tweet above. "That's crazy I did not know about this," added another reply.

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