Pokemon Sword and Shield: Wooloo's Evolution Revealed

The adorable Pokemon Wooloo evolves into an even larger sheep in Pokemon Sword and Shield. One of the first Pokemon revealed in Pokemon Sword and Shield was Wooloo, the delightful Normal-type sheep-like Pokemon. The player's hometown appears to be a hotbed for Wooloo and a Wooloo is even responsible for the player's first meeting with the Mascot Legendary Pokemon in their respective games. Wooloo also serves as the partner Pokemon for the player's rival Hop during the early part of the game. And like most other Pokemon encountered early in a Pokemon game, Wooloo also has an evolved form - Dubwool.

Dubwool is a Normal-type Pokemon with four long curved horns and a thick coat of wool. The Pokemon was inspired by the Jacob sheep, a popular British sheep breed. Not only does the Jacob sheep also have four horns, the Pokemon even shares the same piebald color pattern as the sheep. Like its pre-evolved form, Dubwool is best known for its wool. Dubwool's wool is springy and carpets made from Dubwool's wool actually has the properties of a trampoline.

Neither Wooloo nor Dubwool have any exceptional abilities or stats - Dubwool has a decent Defense stat, but average base stats otherwise. However, both Pokemon are pretty adorable and make for good partners early in the game. Players can capture Wooloo in the wild along Route 1. Meanwhile, Dubwool can either be encountered in the Wild Area or can be evolved from Wooloo by Leveling it up to Level 24.


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