Pokemon Sword and Shield Reveals World Cap Pikachu Code

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can get their hands on the newest hat-wearing Pikachu. Today, the Pokemon Company revealed the code to obtain the World Cap Pikachu, the last in a series of Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum's collection of hats. The World Cap Pikachu (which dons the hat worn by Ash in Pokemon Journeys) can be obtained by entering the code K1NP1KA1855. The code is a reference to the Pokemon anime's timeslot in Japan, which runs on Fridays (Kinyobi in Japan) at 18:55. The Pokemon Company has made a big deal about the anime's recent timeslot move, including an upcoming Pokemon Go event.

This is the seventh and final hat-wearing Pikachu, following six Pikachu that were previously available in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Players previously had to choose only one hat-wearing Pikachu to obtain, so this is the first time that a player can obtain all of the hat-wearing Pikachu without needing to trade.

To obtain the World Cap Pikachu, players simply need to go to their Mystery Box menu in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and then select the "Get With Code/Password" option. Then, enter the code and check your storage box for the World Cap Pikachu.

The World Cap Pikachu (and all other Pikachu) can be obtained just by having Pokemon Sword and Shield's core game. However, Pokemon Sword and Shield also released its new Crown Tundra DLC earlier this month, which added a handful of new Legendary Pokemon to the game along with access every past Legendary Pokemon through the Dynamax Adventures mode. Not only can people explore a brand new sub-region, they can also participate in the top level Galarian Star Tournament, which provides players with their biggest challenge as a trainer in Pokemon Sword and Shield.