Pokemon Sword and Shield to Give Away Ash's Hat in New DLC

Pokemon Sword and Shield will give players a chance to wear Ash's hat as part of the game's [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield will give players a chance to wear Ash's hat as part of the game's upcoming DLC content. Next week, the Pokemon Company is releasing its first ever DLC content - the Isle of Armor expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This new content will contain new Pokemon, new moves, and a whole new area to explore, along with some new duds for trainers to wear. While players can buy most clothing from the various stores across the Galar region, players can get a very special hat if they have a certain Pokemon on their team.

The Japanese magazine CoroCoro reports that Pokemon Sword and Shield players can obtain the hat Ash Ketchum wears in Pokemon the Movie: Coco. In order to get this special cap, players will need to have the Pokemon Sword - Isle of Armor DLC and the Mythical Pokemon Zarude on their team. Once they have Zarude, they can speak to an attendant at the Taxi Station to obtain this hat.

Zarude will be a key part of Pokemon the Movie: Coco, and seems to have played a role in raising the movie's title character, a human Ash meets in a deep forest. Details about the movie are scarce, but we do know that a Shiny Celebi is also involved. The interesting part about this movie tie-in is that players in Japan will only be able to get the hat by going to see Pokemon the Movie: Coco. Players will get Zarude for pre-ordering tickets for the movie, and then they'll only get the hat by having Zarude on their team. The Pokemon Company has not yet announced how non-Japanese players will get the Mythical Pokemon, but it'll likely tie in with Pokemon the Movie: Coco's international release.

This technically isn't the first time that some of Ash's belongings have wound up in the Pokemon games. Players could obtain Ash's Greninja in Pokemon Sun and Moon, along with Ash's Pikachu wearing one of the many hats he has worn throughout the Pokemon anime series.

Pokemon Sword and Shield - Isle of Armor DLC will be released on June 17th.