Pokemon Sword and Shield: Mythical Pokemon Zarude's New Move Revealed

Pokemon Sword and Shield's new Mythical Pokemon will learn a brand new Grass-type move when it reaches a high level. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company revealed Zarude's new exclusive move - Jungle Healing. The new move is a Grass-type move that heals Zarude and its allies and cures any negative conditions. Other details are not known at this time, but screenshots showed Zarude using the move, with healing energy surrounding its body as vines spring out of the back of its neck. Zarude will learn the move at Level 90.

First revealed earlier this year, Zarude is a Grass/Dark-type Pokemon that will be prominently featured in the upcoming movie Pokemon the Movie: Coco. According to its Pokedex entry, Zarude can spontaneously grow vines from its neck, wrists, and feet, which it can use to move, collect berries, or even provide healing. Zarude is very protective of its pack and surroundings, and will attack anyone that is not a part of its pack. Zarude also has the ability Leaf Guard, which protects it from being afflicted by status conditions during strong sunlight. At this time, it's unknown whether Zarude will gain a Gigantamax form or whether it has any other special or unique abilities beyond Jungle Healing.


As a Mythical Pokemon, Zarude cannot be obtained via normal means in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Zarude was intended to be distributed to Japanese fans who pre-order tickets for Pokemon the Movie: Coco, although those plans were postponed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Zarude will likely be distributed in the United States and other countries later this fall.

We'll have more information about Zarude later this year, but in the meantime, you can check out Zarude's new Jungle Healing move in action below:

zarude healing 1
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)
zarude healing
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

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