Pokemon Card Features Eevee in a Very Unflattering Light

A new Pokemon card features some very interesting art of Eevee. Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company announced a new Pikachu-GX & Eevee-GX Special Collection box, which features promo versions of Pikachu-GX and Eevee-GX. While the promo cards are variant versions of cards that have already come out, they contain new artwork. The most notable and unusual of these cards is Eevee-GX, which features a very...abstract version of the Pokemon by Japanese illustrator Q-rais. The promo art features Eevee waking up from a nap in a nest and yawning. You can see the art below:

(Photo: Q-Rais/The Pokemon Company)

Q-rais, also known as Sakamoto Yusuke, is best known for his short webcomics of various animals, the most famous of which is a plump cat that has mishaps while eating food. He also does some pretty bizarre experimental short animated films, which can be found on YouTube. While Q-rais is pretty well known over in Japan, his art isn't as recognizable in the US or abroad, which could lead to some pretty interesting reactions when the box comes out later this year. We'll note that the Pokemon Company has worked with other famous Japanese illustrators before for different cards, so this isn't the first time that some non-traditional art has appeared on a Pokemon card.

The box will also contain three other promo cards, as well as four Pokemon TCG booster packs, and an oversized Pikachu-GX card. All three of the promo cards were previously released over in Japan as part of different promotions, while the Eevee-GX card will be released as part of a set being released over in Japan in October.


The Pikachu-GX & Eevee-GX Special Collection box will cost $29.99