Pokemon Has a New Trading Card Dex App

The Pokemon Company has announced a new mobile app to help fans keep track of their trading card game collection.

The Pokemon TCG Card Dex is a new free app designed to help players keep track of their Pokemon card collection. The new app will let players scan cards using their phone camera and catalog them, helping players keep track of their collection and also see what cards you still need to complete a particular set.

The Pokemon TCG remains one of the most popular card games in the world, trailing only Magic: The Gathering in terms of total yearly sales. The game just released a new "Team Up" expansion featuring cards that pair two Pokemon together for powerful attacks.

Although there are tons of unofficial Pokemon TCG cataloging apps, this is the first one released by the Pokemon Company. However, the Card Dex will only support cards released in the "Sun & Moon" cycle of the game, which means you'll still need to track your older cards through other means.

The new app will support English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese and cards will appear in the app in the language they selected, even if the physical card is in a different language. Part of this is to help international players and collectors translate their cards more easily without any confusion.

The app launches today and Sweden and will be available worldwide. The app will be available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.



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