Pokemon Unite Announces Holiday Event With New Pokemon

Pokemon Unite's final Pokemon of the year will be added in a brand new holiday event. The Holiday Festival will run from December 15th through January 16th and will feature a variety of Christmas-themed events and bonuses. Most notably, Dragonite will be added to the game as a playable Pokemon as a part of the event, and both the Remoat Island and Shivre City maps will receive new overlays featuring brand new Pokemon and holiday decorations. While Delibird and Articuno will appear as wild Pokemon in Shivre City, Tauros, Beartic, Cubchoo, Stantler, and Panpour will appear as wild Pokemon in Remoat Island. While the event doesn't kick off until December 15th, Remoat Island will get its holiday makeover starting tomorrow. You can check out a first look at the holiday maps and Dragonite in the sneak peak video below:

A number of new Holowear will also be added for the event, including a Santa outfit for Pikachu, a holiday pudding outfit for Crustle, Chef Outfits for Cramorant, Mr. Mime and Snorlax, and Santa hats for Garchomp, Blastoise, Gardevoir, Mamoswine and Dragonite. Several holiday-themed avatar items will also be added to the game. 

 The event will also include a special 4 v 4 mode, in which players enter without a battle item. However, when they defeat Delibird, they are gifted with one of nine battle items. When players are knocked out, they become a snowman that can still move around the stage, but they can't attack until the snow melts away. 

Other bonuses and gifts will also be available, through limited time special trials, an Illumination Challenge in which players collect light by completing challenges, which can then be exchanged for light, and a photo challenge in which players unlock holiday items by collecting snowflakes and filling out a photo. 

This marks the second seasonal event, following October's Halloween-themed event. That event added Gengar to the game, along with several "spooky" Holowear and a Halloween overlay for the game's maps. Pokemon Unite has also announced plans to release Tsareena, a new playable Pokemon that can be unlocked through a daily login event. 

Pokemon Unite is available as a free-to-play game on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.