Pokemon Unite Adds New Holowear for Snorlax, Eldegoss, and Pikachu

Pokemon Unite has added three new Holowear sets for players to use to dress up their Pokemon. As [...]

Pokemon Unite has added three new Holowear sets for players to use to dress up their Pokemon. As part of the just-released Balance Patch released earlier today, Pokemon Unite released three new sets of Holowear. "Fashionable Style" Pikachu and Eldegoss Holowear sets were added to the Holowear Shop, while the Berry Style Snorlax Holowear Set was added to the Energy Rewards. The "Fashionable Style" Holowear sets are just skins with no new animations, but the Berry Style Snorlax has an alternative KO animation and movement animation. You can check out all three new Holowears below:

pikachu fashionable
(Photo: Pokemon Unite)
eldegoss fashionable
(Photo: Pokemon Unite)
berry style snorlax
(Photo: Pokemon Unite)

Holowears are the Pokemon Unite versions of skins. Most can only be obtained through in-game purchases, but some like the Berry Style Snorlax can be picked up through Event Rewards or Energy Rewards. Most Holowears are purely aesthetic, but some also have alternative animations for different actions.

The new Balance Patch for Pokemon Unite adds a brand new Pokemon, Blissey, and makes several adjustments to existing Pokemon's moves and item effects. Most notably, Snorlax received a minor nerf to its Unite Move, Heavy Slam, and Block, Slowbro received a minor downgrade to its Surf's stun effect, and Garchomp and Greninja received minor upgrades. Based on early testing, it doesn't appear that the Balance Patch will have quite as dramatic of an impact as the previous Balance Patch released several weeks ago.

Blissey serves as the first true healer in Pokemon Unite, (Eldegoss was a support Pokemon with some healing, but had most of its healing abilities heavily nerfed several weeks ago.) Blissey can choose from several special attacks that can either heal allies, provide them with buffs, or clear status conditions. Based on the prevalence of Gengar and its Hex/Sludge Bomb combo, we feel like we'll see a lot of players use Blissey as a counter against the current king of the metagame.

The balance patch for Pokemon Unite is live now. Players can download Pokemon Unite fro free on the Nintendo Switch. A mobile version of Pokemon Unite will be added later this year.