Couple Sends Out Delightful Pokemon Wedding Invitation

A pair of newlyweds leveled up their Pokemon fandom when they sent out a delightful custom made [...]

A pair of newlyweds leveled up their Pokemon fandom when they sent out a delightful custom made invitation.

A Twitter user named @sumito_47 recently posted a wedding invite they recently received featuring a retro Pokemon theme. The invite was built around the opening moments of a Pokemon battle with "Newlyweds Issei and Shoko" challenging invitees to attend their wedding.

The RSVP card was made up in the style of Pokemon Red and Blue's menus and featured four classic Pokemon pixel icons. In addition to being extremely clever, the newlyweds also seem to be quite respectful, as they asked about potential allergies and whether attendees were taking a bus to the wedding.

@Sumito_47 was delighted by the invititation, stating in their tweet that they wanted to put it in a frame. Of course, if they did frame it, they wouldn't be able to attend the wedding!

Needless to say, the Internet was thrilled with this invite too, with @sumito_47 picking up over 100,000 retweets and 260,000 likes over just three days. Hundreds of Pokemon fans responded to the original tweets, many commenting about the couple's obvious strong love for each other and for Pokemon.

Of course, we've seen other Pokemon themed wedding invites before. Last year, a different wedding invite went viral, featuring some custom-made art and a similar Pokemon Red and Blue menu layout. That invite (seen below) didn't garner quite as much attention, probably because it didn't feature the classic 8-bit pixel artwork.

Japan has plenty of other ways to add some Pokemon flair to your wedding. Pokemon fanatics can also get a Pokemon wedding registration form or a pair of Pokemon engagement rings. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like you can have Pikachu officiate your wedding, but maybe we'll get that option soon.

If you want your own Pokemon-themed wedding invites, you should be able to find a graphic designer willing to help you out for a reasonable price. Wedding invitations can already be pretty expensive, so why not put that money into making yours extra special and unique?