Universal Studios Reportedly Cancels Plans for Pokemon and Zelda Park Attractions

A new report claims that Universal Studios is scaling back plans to add Nintendo-themed attractions to its Orlando location, which includes cancelling plans for large-scale Pokemon and Zelda attractions.

Last year, reports broke that Universal Studios had ambitious plans to incorporate various Nintendo franchises into their parks in Florida and Japan. While the only official announcement made by Universal was for a Super Nintendo World at their Universal Studios Japan resort, plans also leaked of a similar attraction at a soon-to-be-opened park called "Fantastic Worlds" at the Orlando location. In addition to heavily featuring Nintendo at their new park, Universal also allegedly planned to open a full-fledged Pokemon area in the former KidsZone area at Universal Studios and a Zelda-themed area at their Islands of Adventure park.

However, the same source as those rumors, Theme Park University, now claims that Universal is pushing the breaks on adding Nintendo to all three of its parks. While Universal will still have a Nintendo area at Fantastic Worlds, Theme Park University claims that Universal didn't want to "triple down" on Nintendo and give it a presence equal to that of Harry Potter before it proved successful. The report also noted that Universal may be extra cautious after an expensive Fast and Furious attraction at Universal Orlando was a major flop.

Theme Park University claims that Universal could change their mind if the Super Nintendo World at Fantastic Worlds is a success, but that we won't be getting any Pokemon or Zelda attractions at Universal Studios in the next four years.


So, it seems that Universal Studios won't become the second home for Nintendo fans everywhere. What do you think about the news? Let us know in the comment section, or find me on Twitter at @CHofferCbus!