Pokimane Takes Dig at Twitch Star Over Controversial Rant About Women

Earlier in the month, popular Twitch streamer GreekGodx was banned and then unbanned by the Amazon-owned platform over a controversial rant about women. Fast-forward a bit, and now fellow popular Twitch streamer, Pokimane, has taken a dig at GreekGodx in regards to the comments. And naturally, the Internet noticed. 

For context, during a semi-recent stream, GreekGodx revealed what he excepts from future love interests in the case they don't earn as much money as him, which is to run the household while he makes all the money. As you would expect, clips of the rant went viral and attracted lots of criticism. 

"And this goes to any women, any women who wants to date me, especially female streamers that want to date me -- if you wanna date me, you better believe I will be, even if you're streaming, you're going to have to stop streaming," said the streamer. " Streaming is ended for you. Your career is done. I will stream while you cook for me and clean for me and look after the children while I gain all the money and give it to you and I give it to our children for a healthy, secure life. That's how I want to run my life. That's my life and how I want to do it. Now, it's up to you and other people in their other worlds to do whatever they want to do, but my reality is I'm going to sit here and earn all the money. You are going to be in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and make sure my home is f*****g clean, and I'm gonna make sure we have money to have a home and a place for you to sleep at night. It's called working together."

That's the context. Referencing this during a stream of Life Is Strange, Pokimane related a character in the game with some unsavory comments about models to her fellow streamer. The clip in question has already amassed more than 141,000 views.

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