Prince of Persia Creator Drops a Major Hint at a Series Revival


The Prince of Persia series had a fantastic following with a loyal player base that loved delving into the adventures of parkour glory and characters you couldn't help but to love and learn more about. Interestingly enough, just yesterday when model Chrissy Teigen asked for gaming advice - this very topic of Prince of Persia came up with fans asking her to use her influence to bring the game back if she liked it so much. Well ... it looks like that might actually be a very real possibility.

After seven long years, the original Prince of Persia creator responded to Miss Teigan regarding her love of the series and whether or not we'll see more from it. Though this isn't a definitive confirmation that a revival is happening, just knowing that it is actively being pursued gives us hope!

We definitely weren't the only ones to get excited about this news either. Many fans of the franchise immediately chimed in to show that they are actively awaiting any further developments regarding a revival:

Of course Ubisoft then had to chime in with their own response, given that they too worked on the franchise:


Probably not the consolation prize we were wanting, but who doesn't like a funny/shoddy photoshop job? The fans immediately hounded that thread as well with hopeful requests and shared dreams. That being said, we're noticing the word "pause" and not cancelled. Whether that is a deliberate carrot to gain headlines and gauge reaction, we don't know - but if they are looking for a reaction ... they've got our vote for a revival!