Big PS4 Exclusive Reportedly Being Made Into a VR Game

PlayStation 4 owners may eventually see one of the console’s biggest exclusives from a much [...]

PlayStation 4 owners may eventually see one of the console's biggest exclusives from a much different perspective if a new virtual reality rumor turns out to be true. The rumor suggests that Horizon Zero Dawn will officially become a franchise by expanding with a virtual reality game release, though details on how that'll work have not yet been revealed. It's also unclear whether it'll be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4, will wait for the PlayStation 5, or will be released for both consoles.

The report about the Horizon Zero Dawn virtual reality game came from VR Focus who cited Twitter user and virtual reality specialist Callum Hurley as the source of the rumor. Hurley shared a sole tweet just over a week ago that teased news of a "very exciting new PlayStation VR game" that'll be emerging from London Studio. Horizon Zero Dawn wasn't explicitly mentioned in the tweet, but the capitalization used in the end of the post appeared to be a cheeky nod towards what's to come.

Another tweet shared a day later responded to someone who suggested Hurley was hinting at a virtual reality Horizon Zero Dawn game. The response from the industry professional was only a gif, but it appeared to reinforce the idea.

Once the rumor became more publicized, Hurley returned to the tweet to expand on the information he had and said he hadn't seen the game firsthand but trusted his source which was someone who reportedly got to playtest the title.

Horizon Zero Dawn received glowing reviews when it was released by Guerrilla Games and Sony in early 2017. The RPG gave us Aloy, a character who's now another part of Sony's strong lineup of single-player protagonists. We've seen an expansion called Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds afterwards which got slightly lower but still positive reviews. If a virtual reality game set in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn is actually announced, it'll be the first official follow-up outside of the expansion to turn the title into a multi-game franchise.

Though Hurley suggested that an announcement "could be on the Horizon," there's still no timeframe for when this game could be announced or if it's even real. Expect an announcement from Sony to confirm that details about the game if it is indeed in development.