New $100 PlayStation Avatar Released For Rich PS4 Gamers

Most PlayStation 4 gamers never buy avatars, or at least that's what the current state of PS4 online gaming suggests. More often than not, when I come across a PS4 player, they have one of the default avatars that come on the system. Rarely do I come across players with the newest and latest avatars, and it's even more rare to come across a player with a premium avatar. If someone does have one of the non-default avatars, it's usually one of a big PS4 game that also is usually free or a pre-order bonus.

That all said, if you're somebody who hasn't bought any PS4 avatars, then this new one won't be for you. However, if you're someone who buys avatars and is looking for one that lets everyone know you're richer and better than them, then this new avatar is perfect for you. The avatar in question is called the State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem - Golden Prince Avatar, and it costs $100. Why? Nobody knows. But it released on November 1 and has been getting attention across the PlayStation community.


Now, this appears to be a mistake. Either that, or this avatar costs $92 more than the game it's for, which has a ton of other avatars that only cost $1. Yet again, unlike the other avatars, it's gold. Now, if you have $100 burning a hole in your pocket, I say buy it. I mean, why not? However, if this is a price error and it's actually meant to be $1, then it could soon lose all of its value. In other words, sit on this for awhile if you're thinking about buying it to show off.

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