PlayStation Promises to Support The PS4 For At Least Three More Years

The rumors, reports, and leaks all suggest the PlayStation 5 is releasing next year, but just because the next-gen Sony console is right around the corner doesn't mean Sony is going to stop supporting its current console: the PS4. In fact, according to Sony, it will support its second best-selling console for -- at least -- another three years. More specifically, during its recent investors meeting this week, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said the PS4 plays a "critical" role in the immediate future of the company, and so support for it won't dry up anytime soon. Ryan describes the console as "the engine of engagement and profitability for the next three years." In other words, Ryan seems to suggest that PlayStation isn't suspecting a mass migration to the PS5 upon release, and thus supporting and releasing content on the PS4, which will boast a much larger player base, will be very important.

That said, PlayStation is hoping backwards compatibility will encourage players to make the jump to PS5 earlier than they would if the feature wasn't included. Whether this will be enough to nudge players towards the new system is hard to say. I reckon that will come down more to the system's price, power, and exclusives.

As you may know, Sony usually supports its last-gen system for a couple of years after its new one arrives, which is to say this isn't that surprising. It will be interesting to see when it severs the PS4 from its future though.

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