PlayStation Is Giving Away PS4 Store Discount Codes and a Free Theme

Christmas and more holidays are around the corner, which can only mean one thing: PlayStation is ready to give away some free stuff to PS4 gamers. Just like last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment is sending out PlayStation Store voucher codes that contain a variety of discounts. Some codes allow 10 percent off a purchase, but others are reporting that they are getting codes for 20 and even 30 percent off a purchase. It appears to be completely random, just like the emails themselves, which are being sent out only to some PlayStation users.

Of course, in order to receive these type of emails, you first need to make sure you allow for PlayStation to spend promotional emails to the email account linked to your PlayStation ID. However, even if you do this, it doesn't mean you'll receive these emails. I've had it checked off for years, and still haven't gotten a single email of this type. As for this one specifically, it appears it's only being sent to PlayStation users located in Europe. In other words, if you're in the United States or anywhere outside of Europe, you may be out of luck all together.

It's also worth pointing out that some recipients have noted that at first glance they aren't seeing discount codes, however, if they view the email in "text only," not only does the code pop up, but sometimes multiple codes.

In addition to the discount codes, in this email is also a code for a three holiday-themed theme. The theme is dynamic and features music perfect for Christmas. However, unfortunately, it does not come packing unique dashboard sounds or unique dashboard icons. Below, you can see it in action:


Again, if you don't see this email, it's not a mistake. These type of promotions are not only random, but seemingly very limited, and for whatever reason, they are often locked behind a European wall.

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