Sony Reveals Big PS5 Improvement From PS4 PlayStation Fans Are Going to Love

Today, Sony revealed the PS5's UI, and in the process revealed one particular feature that's a big improvement on the PS4, and an improvement that PlayStation fans are going to love. While there were rumors and speculation that the PS5 UI would be the same as the PS4 UI, today Sony confirmed that's not the case. The PS5 isn't just different, it's substantially different, and in many ways improved.

One improvement involves the console's PlayStation Store. On PS4, the PlayStation store is often useless. Not only does it often take a while to load, but sometimes it doesn't even load at all. Meanwhile, once open, it's laggy, slow, and equally unreliable. On the PS5, it sounds like none of this will be an issue.

According to Sony, the PlayStation Store on PS5 loads up instantly. Meanwhile, using the storefront will be a much easier and a swifter experience. Of course, for now, this remains to be seen. Further, even if it loads fast, this doesn't help if it doesn't load at all. However, for now, at the very least, this is promising news.

So, how is this possible? Well, for one the PS5 isn't an outdated piece of hardware like the PS4 is. It's more powerful, and far quicker thanks to its custom and advanced SSD. However, more importantly, the PlayStation Store will no longer be a standalone app. Rather, it's been implemented into the PS5's OS.


For now, Sony hasn't revealed the PlayStation Store on the PS5, but all of this was enough to get PlayStation fans excited. Using the PlayStation Store on the PS4 can be a miserable experience, but is a relatively minor problem in the grand scheme of things. In other words, it would be easy for Sony to skip over this area of the console, but clearly, it didn't, much to the delight of PlayStation fans.

The PS5 is set to release on November 12, priced at $400 or $500 depending on what version of the console you cop. For more coverage on the next-gen console, including the latest news, click here.