PlayStation Fans Notice Strange Similarity Between PS5 Controller and Captain America

This week, out of nowhere, PlayStation revealed the DualSense, the official controller of the PS5. In addition to revealing the PS5 controller -- which boasts a new two-color design and a bulkier shell than the DualShock 4 -- Sony also revealed new details and features about the piece of hardware. Included in this wave of new details was word of a feature that should save many PlayStation gamers a ton of money, plus confirmation of a feature many thought was missing from the controller. There's even a honk button.

That all said, despite this flood of media and details, all anyone can talk about is the aesthetic of the controller. As mentioned above, the DualSense boasts a two-color design, which is different than previous PlayStation controllers, which have utilized a one-color design. Meanwhile, others have been talking about how the new controller looks more like an Xbox controller than a PlayStation controller.

All of these talking points are likely going to continue all the way until launch, drowning out all of the other talking points about the DualSense, such as how it shares a strange similarity with Marvel's Captain America. No, really.

Over on Reddit, one user pointed out that the evolution of the PlayStation controller is essentially just the evolution of Captain America. And that may sound like nonsense on paper, but look for yourself, it's kinda true.

(Photo: Reddit via Seller A)

As you can see, not only is the glow up of the PlayStation controller the same glow up Captain America experienced, but the PS5 controller does give off a Quantum Real Suit kinda vibe.


The PlayStation 5 is set to drop sometime this holiday season. At the moment of publishing, we don't have many salient details about the console, at least of the confirmed variety, but we do have a growing list of confirmed PS5 games, which you can check out via the link below. Meanwhile, for more news, rumors, and leaks pertaining to the PS5 and everything related to it, be sure to peruse all of our past and recent coverage of the console by clicking right here.