PlayStation Accidentally Reveals Long-Awaited PS5 Feature

PlayStation has accidentally revealed a long-awaited feature will debut on the PS5. Today, Sony -- or more specifically the French arm of PlayStation -- revealed that PS5 will add trophy progress, something many hardcore PlayStation fans who participate in trophy hunting have been asking for since trophies were first introduced. PlayStation France didn't say much about the feature, but noted it would track the progress of earning individual trophies. For example, if you need to collect 20 gems for a bronze trophy, the PS5 would track how many gems you've collected as you collect them. So, if you've collected 14 of them, it will show this. It's a highly convenient feature fans have been begging for.

That said, as soon as PlayStation France revealed this, it deleted it, suggesting they spilled the beans on this feature ahead of schedule. Of course, there's no doubting this was a mistake, evident by its deletion. The question is, is it a mistake in the sense that it's incorrect or is it a mistake in the sense that PlayStation France jumped the gun on the reveal?

If it was the former, Sony would have presumably issued an official statement correcting the misinformation. The fact that it was quietly deleted suggests it was the latter. However, today Sony did reveal its big update to the PlayStation trophy system, so you'd assume today would have been the day to share this news.

"Track your progress on your PS5 console," read the original post from PlayStation Blog France. "On PlayStation 5, you'll be able to track your progress toward earning individual trophies for compatible PS5 games. For example, sometimes you will see how many Artifacts you have left to collect, or how many Armor Upgrades you need to get before unlocking the Trophy."

Unfortunately, for now, all we can do is speculate. If Sony does provide any further clarification or definitive statement, we will be sure to update the story with said information.


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