Developer Teases Incredible Sounding PS5 DualSense Controller Feature

The PlayStation 5 is poised to release this holiday season, and while it doesn't sound like the console will do anything extraordinary, its controller, the DualSense, may achieve this for it. One of the controller's big new features is Haptic Feedback, a technology designed to gives players specific mechanical feedback. With a PS4 controller, the vibration of pulling a bow back feels very similar, if not the same, to driving off-road in Gran Turismo. This is because the PS4 controller uses basic motor technology for feedback. The PS5 controller upgrades these motors with a new technology that can vary the feedback depending on the action.

During a recent episode of the Play, Watch, Listen Podcast, developer Mike Bithell -- the maker of games like Volume, John Wick Hex, and Thomas Was Alone -- noted to other members of the podcast they are going to love what Sony has done with the PS5 controller. The comment came after fellow podcast member, Austin Wintory, an award-winning composer who has worked on many great games, noted that next-gen may bring huge advancements in audio.

According to Wintory, when you wanted to add raindrops to a game, this meant going to out, capturing the sound, and adding it as one big WAV file. However, it sounds like, on PS5, developers will be able to recreate a vast array of sound files for individual raindrops and weather effects, which should create for a far more complex and immersive weather system in games.

Commenting on this point, Bithell teases that Wintory is going to love what Sony has done with the DualSense. Unfortunately, Bithell didn't reveal any further details due to NDA, but he seems to suggest that the controller, presumably due to haptic feedback, will be able to allow players to feel weather effects, such as raindrops.

For now, it all sounds a bit vague, but if the controller can truly provide precise feedback for something as minute as raindrops, then it's safe to say gaming on it will be a completely different and superior experience compared to playing on a PS4 controller.


The PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime this holiday season. For more news, rumors, leaks, and all other types of coverage on the console click here.