Popular PS1 RPG Being Revived on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

A classic PS1 RPG is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this summer. While the PS2 is the more widely known and beloved nostalgic PlayStation console, the PS1 had some of the best and most classic role-playing games, including Legend of Mana, which is now being revived and remastered for the aforementioned platforms. And as you would expect, with the remaster comes updates and improvements that don't radically change or overhaul a game, but do give it a touch of modernity.

According to Square Enix, the remaster will come with improved visuals, a rearranged soundtrack, and the "Ring Ring Land" mini-game, which was previously exclusive to Japanese versions of the game. Beyond this, the game is exactly how you remember it.

"Stepping into the shoes of the protagonist, players will embark on a journey to find the mystical Mana Tree seen in a dream, only to discover that the world map is empty," reads an official pitch of the remaster. "Throughout their adventure, they will acquire special artifacts, which can be placed on the map to bring towns and dungeons to life via the Land Creation system. Players can progress through the story in different ways based on the choices they make, offering a more personal and unique gameplay experience."

For those that don't know: Legends of Mana is an action RPG that debuted back in 1999 via Square Enix and via the original PlayStation. The fourth game in the Mana series, it follows 1995's Trials of Mana, and debuted to strong sales, but didn't quite live up to the previous games on the critical scale. In 2021, it's a bit of a cult-classic, hence why it's being remastered and re-released.


Better yet for fans of the classic PS1 game, it's releasing pretty soon. In addition to revealing all of this, Square Enix also revealed the remaster is releasing on June 24.

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