World's Biggest PS5 Sells for $70,000

The world's biggest PS5 is 10-feet high, 500 pounds, and it costs $70,000, or at least that's what mega-popular YouTuber, ZHC, recently paid for the ginormous console. The standard PS5 is one of the biggest modern consoles ever, which has created problems for some PlayStation players. That said, it doesn't compare to this $70,000 PS5.

To put the console's size into perspective, you'd have to stack roughly 30 PS5 consoles placed horizontally to reach the same height as the big console when it's standing vertically. To put this even more into perspective, the console wouldn't fit through a single door in my house.

Meanwhile, to put 500 pounds into perspective, the normal PS5 weighs roughly nine pounds. In other words, this massive PS5 weighs roughly the same as 55 normal PS5 consoles. And of course, the console comes with a huge DualSense controller as well. And like the console, the controller does indeed work.

While your average Joe is never going to be able to afford to spend $70,000 on a big boi PS5, many PlayStation players have been paying a premium for the hard-to-find console. Over on eBay and other reseller sites, the PS5 is selling often for double its normal price.

Further, while this is the world's biggest PS5, it's not the world's most expensive PS5. That honor belongs to the Golden Rock PS5.


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