Developer Teases PS5 and Next Xbox Will Be Very Powerful

After Google unveiled the Stadia earlier this year, a report surfaced that claimed the PS5 and next Xbox will be more powerful than Google's new streaming platform. Fast-forward a little bit, and now a developer is adding the next-gen Sony and Microsoft systems won't just be more powerful than Stadia, but far more powerful. According to Frederik Schreiber, vice president of 3D Realms, both Sony and Microsoft have some big things they are cooking up for next-gen, which will include consoles that push console gaming closer to PC standards. And as a result, Google's Stadia won't be able to compete spec wise.

"With each generation of platforms, the development environment has come closer to PC standards, which benefits all developers," said Schreiber while speaking to GamingBolt. "We expect the next generation of consoles to be easier to develop for, alongside a much needed overall boost in performance."

The developer continued:

"The current generation is already fast, but GPU, Memory and CPU technology have come a long way since the current generation of consoles was introduced, which will hopefully give us a lot of new opportunities with the next generation."

When asked about Stadia, the developer revealed he doesn't think the platform is very relevant at this point, and when compared to PS5 and the next Xbox, Stadia's specs will be lacking considerably.

As you may know, earlier this month Sony pulled back the curtain on the PS5, revealing an impressive line-up of specs that included an SSD and support for 8K resolutions. Meanwhile, Microsoft hasn't said really anything about what it has cooking up for next-gen, but that will presumably change this E3.

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