PS5 Price Possibly Leaked By Retailer

The PlayStation 5's price has reportedly leaked, a day after its release date was also reportedly [...]

The PlayStation 5's price has reportedly leaked, a day after its release date was also reportedly revealed. This time, the leak comes courtesy of a European retailer, or more specifically, a retailer out of of Slovakia. According to the retailer -- ProGamingShop -- the PlayStation 5 will cost 500 euros, which translates to roughly $558 USD. In other words, if this price point is correct -- emphasis on if -- then presumably the PS5 would cost $500 or $550 in the United States, which would be $100-150 more than the PS4 cost at launch. As you may remember, the PS4 came in at $400 when it launched in 2013, $100 lower than the Xbox One.

Interestingly, the product page says the console will release on December 4, 2020, which lines up with the aforementioned release date leak. And, as you may remember, December 4 is when the PS1 launched back in 1994. Beyond this, the listing has the confirmed information about the console, but not much more.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a major grain of salt for multiple reasons. One, the source. While it's true release dates get leaked all the time by retailers -- especially many smaller market retailers -- there's also just as many incorrect dates "leaked" from the same places. In other words, if this was Amazon or Best Buy, it'd be one thing, but retailers of this ilk have a history punctuated by unreliability. It's also possible this is nothing more than a placeholder, a guess, or is done on purpose to attract attention to the listing.

Further, it's unclear why a retailer would already have access to the PS5's release date this far away from its release. Sony has confirmed that the system will hit sometime holiday 2020, but that's all it has said about the console's release date. It's quite possible they have an internal release date or a narrowed release window, but it's not clear why it would divulge this to retailers already. Yet again, maybe Sony didn't divulge anything to retailers, but the retailer got the information by unofficial means. Whatever the case, just remember this is a rumor, not something to take to the bookies.

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