Amazon and Target Surprise PlayStation Fans With PS5 Restock

Today, Amazon and Target surprised PlayStation players with a new restock. This morning, out of nowhere, both retailers released new stock of not just the $500, standard PS5, but new stock of the all-digital PS5, which strips at the disc drive from the console in favor of dropping the asking price to $400. At the moment of publishing, both stocks at both retailers look gone, but it's possible additional waves will drop as the day progresses.

Right now, other retailers -- like Best Buy, Walmart, and GameStop -- haven't joined in on the party with their own restock, but this could change soon (keep tabs on the links below). Not only are most retailers running stealth-releases, but when somebody gets new stock, others typically get new stock as well. However, some retailers, like Amazon, are known to sit on stock and let it accumulate for a larger restock, while others like Walmart and Target release new stock more often.

In addition to new PS5 stock, the retailers also released new Xbox Series X stock, but everything above also applies to this new stock of the new Xbox.


For what it's worth, it appears both the Target and the Amazon restock went well. When a restock doesn't go well, it quickly trends on Twitter, but at the moment of publishing, neither restock or retailer have been trending on the social media website. Were there website issues? Yes. Did the stock quickly run out? Yes, but the issues were seemingly not as egregious as past restocks, which may be a sign that demand is finally starting to falter.

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