PlayStation 5 Reveal Date Seemingly Hinted at By Insider

It sounds like the PlayStation 5 reveal event will happen next month, or at least that's what Waypoint's Patrick Klepek seems to suggest during a new episode of Waypoint Radio. According to Klepek -- who has delivered reliable scoops in the past -- there will be lots of Sony stuff next month, which will likely include the PS5 reveal event. Now, it's unclear if Klepek knows something we don't know or if this is simply his best guess, but it lines up with what many have been saying: the PS5 reveal event will go down in February, just like the PS4 reveal event did in 2013.

"Probably next month will be both the---presumably the Xbox and PlayStation events will not be too far behind one another, that would be my guess," said Klepek. "So that'll probably both happen next month. I haven't heard much about what Microsoft's doing, so maybe they'll be quiet until E3. But a lot of Sony stuff next month for sure."

Again, it's unclear whether Klepek is merely speculating or making a statement, but as mentioned above not only does it line up with what other people have been saying, but I've heard some little things here and there that suggests Sony will reveal the PS5 next month. However, I've heard drastically less about when the Xbox Series X will be showcased again.

PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime holiday 2020. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a specific release date, a price point, or what launch games it will come packing. In other words, Sony hasn't divulged much salient information about the console yet.

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