PS5 Will Be A High-End Console, But Less Than $500 Says Analyst

ps5 console

We know nothing official about the PS5, and only a little bit more if you take into consideration all the recent reports, leaks, and rumors. For example, we know that it looks increasingly likely the system will release sometime in 2020. We also know it may have an emphasis on backwards compatibility and maybe even cross-play. Of course, big changes are also expected for PSN. But beyond this, we know nothing about the next Sony console, despite the fact that it's likely releasing just next year.

That said, according to a new analysis report from Ace Research Institute and Hideki Yasuda, the PS5 will (again) launch at the end of 2020 as a "premium console."

Yasuda proclaims the PS5 will be a high-end console that will look to push units off shelves with a robust line-up of exclusive launch titles. Further, the system according to Yasuda, will be less than $499 and be in-line with the launch price of the PS4. However, despite keeping a lower price-point, Yasuda pitches the system as a high-end console, which suggests Sony may be getting ready to eat some costs up front in order to have another successful generation where software sales can more than make up for the initial loss.

Of course, this is nothing more than mere speculation. And while it comes from an industry analyst, which inherently heightens its value, it doesn't mean it's still not speculation. In other words, take this and any conclusions draw from Yasuda's claims with a grain of salt.


Given the PS4 is one of the most successful consoles ever leads me to believe that Sony won't change up its strategy too much for the PS5. Great exclusive games combined with hardware equality with the next Xbox should be enough to see Sony replicate its success. But maybe it's not resting on its laurels and is gearing up to come swinging even bigger this time around. Unfortunately, at this stage, all we can do is speculate. However, I reckon as the year goes on we'll know more and more about the next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.

Thanks, GamingBolt.