New PS5 Rumor Has PlayStation Fans Very Excited for Next Month

A new PS5 rumor has PlayStation fans quite excited for the month of August, which is usually on [...]

A new PS5 rumor has PlayStation fans quite excited for the month of August, which is usually on the slower side of things when it comes to game and industry news, but looks poised to be a very busy month. The PS5 is currently slated to release worldwide sometime this holiday season, but before that happens, Sony has a lot more to reveal about the console. For example, we still don't have a price point for the system or any idea what its UI looks like. Meanwhile, there's also plenty of games to reveal for the console before release, including some exclusive titles.

That said, it looks like August will be the month when much of this is revealed. According to Venture Beat reporter and general industry insider, Jeff Grub, a PS5 State of Play presentation is poised to go down in August, and it looks like it will be within the first two weeks of the month. In other words, it's scheduled to go down quite soon.

Unfortunately, Grubb doesn't provide a specific date, noting things are subject to change, however, he does suggest it could happen sometime between August 5 and August 11, which lines up with some other rumors claiming a PS5 State of Play is soon.

Of course, for now, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, not only is the source in question credible, but the fact is Sony's running out of time to reveal the remaining details about the PS5. Don't forget, it's only a few months away from launch.

As for what games we could see at the event. Well, who knows. Right now there are rumors that the heavily-rumored remake of Silent Hills will make an appearance. Meanwhile, others are suggesting we could see The Last of Us Part II's multiplayer, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales gameplay, and much more.

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