PlayStation Reveals Great News for PS4 Owners Who Can't Afford PS5

Sony has revealed some great news for PS4 owners who won't be able to afford a PS5 this holiday season. The lifespan of one of the best-selling video game consoles of all time is coming to an end. Later this year the PS5 will release, and slowly but surely people will begin to forget about the PS4. The console will continue to get major releases for at least a couple of more years and find success in smaller, emerging markets as it gets cheaper, but it's almost PS5 time. That said, just because the PS5 is imminent doesn't mean the PS4 is going to cease to exist.

During a recent interview with the one and only Geoff Keighley, head of marketing at PlayStation, Eric Lempel, reassured PS4 players that Sony still has a lot in store for the console. What exactly is in the pipeline isn't revealed, but the way Lempel talks about it suggests it's something for PS4 owners to look forward to.

"PS4 is a big part of everything we do, and it will continue to be a big part of everything we do," said Lempel. "There's a lot more to come for PS4. I think we're seeing some of the greatest titles of this generation release in recent weeks, but that will continue. PS5 is the next generation product, but we've got a lot to come for people on PS4. There's still a ton of life in that product."

Again, for now, it's unclear what exactly Lempel is getting at, but it could involve games. As you may know, Sony does have a bit of history of releasing major exclusive games on its older consoles. For example, it released God of War 2 on PS2 after PS3 was already available. However, this seems unlikely. While there is some history to Sony doing this, the way they've talked about the PS5 being a clean break for its first-party studios suggests it's unlikely this teases involves a major first-party release. Could there be some cross-gen games on the horizon? Maybe, but again, when you take into account Sony's verbiage about the PS5, this seems unlikely as well.

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H/T, Games Radar.