PlayStation Addresses a Big Missing PS5 Feature

While the PlayStation 5 has a number of impressive features, the console is notably missing [...]

While the PlayStation 5 has a number of impressive features, the console is notably missing support for 1440p. For gamers that prefer to game on a PC monitor capable of 1440p, or that want the option of doing so, this is a bit unfortunate. In a new Japanese interview, Hideaki Nishino, Sony's senior vice president, global product strategy and management, addressed the missing feature. According to Nishino, support for 1440p might be added in the future, but Sony wanted to place its primary focus on televisions, instead. That certainly makes sense considering the majority of players will be enjoying PS5 on their TV set, but the news will be a bit disheartening for some players.

A translation of Nishino's comments can be found in the Tweet from @Nibellion embedded below.

Given the number of quality of life improvements that the PS5 already offers, it seems like a safe bet that 1440p support will be added at some point in the future. While previous console generations have put a greater emphasis on graphic improvements, Sony has been looking for new ways to improve the overall experience of playing a PlayStation console. This has manifested in a number of different ways, including faster load times and game presets that can be applied across all compatible games. While these inclusions might seem small in the grand scheme of things, they add up, allowing players to truly focus on the games. Support for 1440p definitely falls into that quality of life category.

For now, PlayStation fans that want 1440p support will just have to make their voices heard, as Nishino suggests. Clearly, Sony knows that some demand is there, so fans of this option will just have to let the company know they want to see the feature. If Sony truly is focused on making this console generation as enjoyable as possible for players, 1440p support will arrive sooner, rather than later.

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